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3DAKTA is an interactive didactic platform, equally virtual and physical. Join us today and contribute with your gaming experience and ideas. This is just the beginning of a long voyage. Sit next to us and enjoy.



simple games for smart people

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your own didactic platform

3dakta puzzles

At first You’ll be able to choose between 36 puzzles and every now and then a new puzzle will be announced. But that’s not all. Currently we’re developing some really amazing game modes which will challenge Your brain on a totally different level.

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Digital to Physical

3DAKTA is a didactic platform. While building virtual world we’re also developing real-life products. This way we’re reaching out to those who still live in a real world… unlike the rest of us.

It's your time to shine

You can test the game modules in the making before the public release, which will happen soon. Until then subscribe to 3DAKTA Newsletter and be among the first to play the game.